MVC Routing In Node JS

Hello and welcome in this post we are going to talk about MVC Routing In Node JS. I am going to show you coding example of how you can create route in node JS with Express JS Framework in MVC Pattern. So let’s get started and dive into interested content.

What is MVC Pattern: – 

In software engineering MVC Pattern is a Software Designing Pattern whose full form is Model-View-Controller. As its name suggest is a pattern where logic is separated from user interface. In MVC Pattern user interface and logic is coded in different files so that it become easy for developer to understand how the code is aligned.

How we can use MVC Pattern in routing with Node JS: –

While Routing in Node JS we can use a single file to create several routes but this will became very difficult for developer to understand. So that we can use MVC pattern and code our route in different files so that it become easy to understand. Below is the project structure.

Project Structure: –

In routes folder we are having a users route file which consists of user routes. If you have several rounds in your application then you can create another file for that route in same folder.

MVC Routing In Node JS: –

Initialize NPM: – First of all you have to initialize npm so that you can use it npm packages. To initialize npm run the following command in project folder root directory.

npm init -y

Installing Packages: – Now you have to install express js in your project. Run the following command to do it.

npm install express


In userRoute.js file I have a imported Express and created a variable userRouter and attached Express default router with it. Then I have created a get route on /users endpoint and sending some JSON data to it. At last I have exported userRouter so that I can use it in our main file.

app.js: –

In app.js which is the main index file of our application we have imported userRouter and we are using it right after creating a homepage route. With app.use we are telling our code to use userRouter which we have imported from userRoute.js file.

So Now instead of writing complete routing code in one file we have splitted it in two parts. It is not easy to read and it is now added in MVC pattern.

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Conclusion: – 

In this post we discussed about how to code express JS Routing in MVC pattern. I hope that this post was helpful for you and you found this content informative.


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