Flutter Learning Roadmap 2022 | Complete Guide

Hello & Welcome. In this post I am going to discuss about Flutter Roadmap 2022. If you are interested in Flutter and you want to start your career as a Flutter Developer but you don’t know how to start learning and what is the correct learning path for flutter then this post is going to be very helpful for you. We are going to discuss about everything that you should know about Flutter.

What is Flutter

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework which is created by Google. With a flutter, you can make an app for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Web with a single code base. Making apps with flutter reduces a lot of effort because you do not need to rewrite the complete app if you want to develop it for another platform. With a flutter, you can export and run your app to several platforms with a single code base. It uses that as a programming language.

Is it worth learning Flutter?

Learning Flutter is very beneficial. Because we have already seen massive growth in cross-platform app development. Now, most companies are trying to adopt cross-platform app development frameworks so that they can reduce app development costs and efforts. Flutter developers will be in high demand in the upcoming time.

Requirements for Flutter

There are a few things that are required to work with flutter. These things are mentioned below.

Code EditorVisual Studio Code / Android Studio
SDKAndroid SDK
Programming LanguageDart

You will need a code editor to write flutter codes the editor can be Visual Studio code for Android studio. Both editors / IDEs are well optimized for flutter development you can use any of the mentioned.

Android SDK is required to run your app on a physical device while developing it for testing purposes.

You should be familiar with the basics of Dart Programming language as flutter is coded in Dart. If you understand the syntax of date then it will be easy for you to start learning flutter.

How to install Flutter

The first step is to install flutter on your computer. The complete step-by-step instruction for installing flutter is given below.

Downloading & Installing Flutter

  1. Go to Flutter Download Page and select your operating system.
  2. Then you will be displayed with download button.
  3. After downloading flutter zip file extract it and open bin folder.
  4. Copy the path of bin folder because we need to set up environment variables.

Setting Up Environment Variables

Now we want that we can access Flutter from anywhere in our computer. To do this we will need to add environment variables.

  1. Copy the path of bin folder from flutter folder as said in above step.
  2. Then click on windows icon and search for “env”.
  3. Then click on environment variables.
  4. Now click on path and click on new.
  5. Then you have to paste the path that you have copied and click on save.

Checking Installation

Let’s check if Flutter is correctly installed in our system or not. To do this open Command Prompt and type flutter. if you see the following output then flutter is successfully installed.

Flutter Roadmap

Learn Dart Basics

The first thing that you will need to learn is the Dart programming language. It is not compulsory to learn advanced darts. You just need to learn the basic Syntax of dart language so that you can understand how to write Dart codes in a flutter. Below I have given a video that you can follow to learn Dart programming.

Learn Flutter Basics

Now you have good knowledge of the Dart programming language. It’s time to learn the basics of flutter and build your first android app. Below I have given 2 videos related to flutter. In the first video, you will learn how to write code in a flutter and how to make the user interface in a flutter. This will give you a foundational knowledge of flutter. In the second video, you will be going to make a complete project in flutter which is an e-Commerce app.

You cannot master any programming language for Framework without making projects in that language of work so that I have included a project-based learning video.

Flutter UI Resources

Now you have good knowledge of flutter and you have already made an e-commerce app. I will not recommend you to take your design knowledge to an advanced level. Below I have provided links to some free and very important flutter UI resources.

Material.io Resources DocsClick Here
Layout Cheat SheetClick Here
Free UI KitClick Here
UI Tutorials (Free)Click Here
UI Tutorials (Paid)Click Here

What after learning flutter basics?

After learning the basics of Flutter I would recommend you to focus on more advanced topics. Because you are already familiar with Flutter it will be easier for you to understand more complex topics. I have discussed all the complex topics below.

Animations: – Animations are very important in an app. If your App has animation then it will be more user friendly and user comfortable.

State Management: – One of the most important things while developing an app is managing its state. A simple example of state management is saving the user session so that he or she will not need to log in again and again when the restart.

JSON: – It is something that connects the backend to the frontend. While developing an app we need to connect the frontend to the backend. So that it is also important to learn JSON serializing.

Learn Firebase

Firebase is a backend service product offered by Google. With firebase, we can create the complete backend of our flutter app easily. With Firebase, you can as user authenticity, file storage, database, and many more things to your flutter app. It is compulsory to learn firebase if you want to become a flutter developer. Below I have given some resources from where you can learn firebase.

Firebase AuthenticationClick Here
Google AuthenticationClick Here
CRUD OperationsClick Here
Firebase Flutter DocumentationsClick Here


I hope that this post was helpful for you and you found this content and resources informative. If you think that this post was helpful please share it with your friends and also share it on social media. If I forgot to mention any good flutter resources then please comment below and we will add them in our post.


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