flutter learning roadmap 2021

Flutter Learning Roadmap 2021. Learning will be beneficial only if you are doing it in effective way. If you are trying to learning a stuff and you are doing it in a very bad way then you will not be able to get the most out of it. Find this post we are going to discuss the best effective way of learning flutter.

What is Flutter

Flutter is a brand new Framework developed by Google team. It is developed in Dart language. Flutter is the one of the best way to quickly make apps for different platforms with one codebase. If you want to make apps for Android, iOS and Windows then you will need to code into three different programming languages to make the same app. But if you use Flutter you can export your app to android, iOS, Windows and even in Linux with same codebase. It means that you only need to code your App once and rest the work will be done by flutter to compile and export that at two suitable platforms.

Flutter learning roadmap 2021

flutter learning roadmap 2021

You should learn flutter because mobile apps development is increasing with a massive speed. Every company requires a app developer now a days. In upcoming years it is also expected that mobile app development will increase more than any other type of development. If you learn flutter then you do not need to learn Android and iOS development separately and that is the main motive of learning flutter. You have a skill named flutter in your resume then it will be a plus point and will give a good impression to the recruiter.

Flutter Features

  1. It is a best cross platform app development Framework as it had got most stars on GitHub.
  2. You do not need to rebuild your app every time you did a change. Flutter provide you a hot reload and hot restart feature.
  3. Flutter have a great community even it was only released about 3 years ago.
  4. Flutter is being updated frequently by its developers. Few months ago Flutter 2.0 was launched.
  5. Flutter uses Dart as its programming language. You do not need to to use two different programming languages for backend and frontend.
  6. Almost all the UI elements are available in flutter. So that you can use them instantly without wasting time on making your own elements.
  7. It supports VS Code and Android Studio.

How to start learning Flutter

Learn Dart: –

The first thing that you have to do before starting learning flutter is that you have to learn Dart programming language. Because Flutter uses Dart as its programming language so that you should have intermediate understanding of Dart syntax. You do not need to be expert in that you just need to know its syntax. Below is a video that will be enough for learning Dart.

Learn Basic Flutter: –

Now once you have enough knowledge of dark language you can move forward to learn flutter. Below I have given a video the length of this video is about 6 hours and it consist of complete flutter crash course. It will give you all the information about flutter.

Learning Firebase

Now once you have watch read and understood above videos you will be familiar with flutter and you can make static apps. But static apps are too much boring. An application consists of frontend and backend. Backend is used to add life to your app. The most popular backend for flutter app is firebase. It’s time to to enhance your knowledge and skills in flutter by learning backend app development. You have to use firebase flutter plugins for it. Firebase provide plugins for authentication, database and even analytics for your flutter app. I will highly recommend you to learn firebase for flutter through their official documentation because it is very easy to understand. If you are having any error or issue you can simply go to Google for YouTube and search it.

Flutter Firebase Documentation

Enhance UI Skills

It’s time to enhance your user interface development skills. A good apps to have a very good and eye catching user interface and design. You might already know flutter uses material as a UI provider. You can also take a look to Material documentation to enhance your UI development skills.

material.io Documentation

Flutter Resources

Below are some of the best resources a flutter developer should know about. In below list we have included some of the free and paid courses, online documentation links and free video tutorial links.

Flutter Documentation

Best Flutter Paid Course

GetWidget UI Package

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In this post we discussed about the complete roadmap to learn flutter in 2021. I hope that this post was helpful for you if you found this content useful and informative give some time and share it with your friends. Thank You.


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