Best VS Code Extensions 2022

Hello and welcome in this post I am going to talk about some of the best VS code extensions 2022 that you will love using in 2022. I have prepared a list of the best VS code extensions and categorized them. So let’s get started.

Best VS Code Extensions 2022

Let’s dive into our post and discuss about some of the best VS Code Extensions 2022.

Code Formatting

Just writing a good code is not enough. It is also required to format the code that you wrote accurately so that it becomes easy for the reader to understand. It will be a hard task if you format your code line by line manually. But to get rid of this there are several extensions available for that which are listed below.

PrettierClick Here
BeautifyClick Here
Better CommentsClick Here

Prettier – Code Formatter

This is the most popular code formatting extension available in Visual Studio Code Marketplace. As you can see in the above picture that it has over 17 Million installs which is enough data to prove how popular this extension is. This extension format code in 14 different programming languages including JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Vue, Angular, and much more.


It is the best alternative to Prettier are with over 7 Million installs and a 4.5 rating. It can beautify JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, and Saas. This plugin is very helpful for Web Developers. You can choose anyone from Prettier and Beautify which suits you.


Themes plays important role. They will completely change the user interface of Visual Studio code. It will enhance the code highlighting and code colorizing.

One Dark ProClick Here
Dracula OfficialClick Here

One Dark Pro

This is one of the most used themes in Visual Studio Marketplace with over 4.7 million installs. It had also got 4.5 ratings. One of the cool features of this theme is that it is open source. It has many modes such as flat, darker, gnome, and terminal.


This is another cool theme for Visual Studio code.


A programmer should be productive. That’s why in this section we are going to list some of the extensions that will make you productive.

TabNineClick Here
Remote SSHClick Here
Settings SyncClick Here
Code RunnerClick Here


Do you think that writing a lot of lines of code manually is hesitating? If yes then this application is for you. TabNine is a code completion extension that will automatically complete the code that you are writing. It uses an artificial intelligence-based model to predict the code. With this activation, you can increase your products easily.

Remote SSH

This extension is used to set up a remote server as your development environment and your connection will remain secure with SSH.

Settings Sync

Do you have to work on multiple devices? If yes then this extension is for you. With this extension, you can synchronize your Visual Studio code settings. These are synchronized settings can be directly imported into any device you want.

Code Runner

Code runner is the one-stop solution for running codes of any programming language. Read this activation you just have to press F5 and the code that you have wrote it will start running. It supports most of the programming languages.

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Please comment down some good VS Code Extensions so that I can add them in this list.


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