best free courses to learn python

Hello and welcome in this post we are going to discuss about best free courses to learn Python for free. I am going to mention three course that you can use to learn python. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Why Python

Is one of the most trending programming language in the world. It is being used by almost every multinational company. The trend of python had increased in last few years. Beginners are using Python as their first programming language because it is easy to understand and it have simple syntax. Python is mostly being used for data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Best free courses to learn python

Below I am going to discuss several free courses from where you can learn Python for free. You can start learning from basic courses together basics of Python programming language and then you can move forward to learn advanced Python and then you can go for Data Structures and Algorithm.

If you are completely beginner to Python then I will recommend you to first learn from basic courses and then move forward do not try to directly learn advanced courses because it will be not a very good learning path.

Google Python Classes

You can learn Python from Google’s Python classes which is a free resource available on internet. You do not have to pay anything to access Google Python classes. Google Python classes will give you basic understanding of Strings, lists, sorting, dictionaries, files, regular expression and utilities of python. However it will only give you basic understanding of python and after doing it you can easily and roll yourself into any other advanced Python program.

Google Python Classes

Free Python Tutorial Udemy

There are several courses available on Udemy but they are paid. But you might not know that Udemy also provide some free courses. The only drawback of free courses are that you will not get any certificate after completing it. Free Python tutorial is also a free Udemy course that will give you a good understanding of python.

Free Python Tutorial Udemy

Free Python Tutorial Code With Harry

Code With Harry is a YouTube channel that provide videos related to programming. He also have a video for Python tutorials and length of that video is about 15 hours. If you want to learn Python in Hindi language then you can follow that video because in that video concepts of python are discussed including object oriented programming also. Along with video tutorial he will also give you notes for that tutorial.

Free Python Tutorial Code With Harry

Free Python DSA Tutorials

Now once you have learnt basics of python and you know how to code in Python and syntax of python you can simply start learning data structures and algorithms in Python. There is a playlist on YouTube from where you can learn data structure and algorithm in python. The most cool feature of that playlist is that they have covered theory and practical of every video.

Python DSA Playlist

Free Python Advance DSA

If you want to advance your data structure and algorithm skills and you want to learn all the data structures then you can follow this YouTube playlist. It have about 125 videos. All type of data structures are discussed in this playlist. This playlist will be very helpful for you if you want to advance your data structure and algorithm skills in Python. It is one of the best free courses to learn python data structure and algorithm for free.

Python Advance DSA

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In this post I discussed about best free courses to learn python for free. Best Python free courses that are listed in this post are really available on internet. I hope that this post was helpful for you and you found this content informative.


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