Best Android Development Course 2022 Free + Paid

Hello and welcome in this post we are going to discuss some of the best Android development courses for 2022. If you want to start your journey in Android development or if you want to advance your knowledge in Android development you can follow these courses. I have picked some of the best courses that are available online and listed them in this post. So let’s get started.

Android Application Development Course With Kotlin

best android development course

This course is offered by coding Ninja and it is one of the best Android development courses that you will find online. It will provide you access to 250 + hours of video lectures and in this 50 + hours of video lecture, you are going to develop 7 projects. According to coding ninjas, it will take you five months to complete this course and you will be going to develop projects like Task Manager App, Employee App, Chatting App, and much more. This course comes with a coding Ninja subscription which starts from ₹2,477 per month.

The Complete Android 12 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

best android development course

This is one of the most latest and most complete Android development courses. The duration of this course is 63 Hours and it will teach you not only Android development but other things as well such as Google Firebase and app publishing on Play Store. After completing this course you will be very confident using Kotlin and you can work as a junior Android developer. You can also start your freelancing career. This course is available on Udemy and it covers everything that needs to become an Android developer. In this course, you will be going to make a calculator app, quiz app, drawing app, workout app, happy places app, weather app, and a Trello Clone.

The Complete Android N Developer Course

best android development course

This is a project-focused course. In this Android development course, you are going to learn Android 7 and you will be going to build apps like Uber, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It will give you complete knowledge of Android development and you will be going to make some real-life projects. But I will not recommend you this course because this course is based on Android 7 and currently we are using the latest Android 12 so it means that this course is quite outdated. You will find that some of the parts of the scores are outdated because of the new updates of the Android version.

Best Free Android Development Courses

We have already discussed the best paid Android development courses. Now it’s time to discuss the best free Android development course.

Android Basics In Kotlin

best android development course

This course is offered by Google and it will provide you with the basic foundational knowledge of android development using Kotlin programming language. This course consists of 6 units in which you will be going to learn Kotlin basics, layouts, navigation, connecting your app to the internet, data persistence, and work manager. After completing this course you will get the foundational knowledge of Android and you can move forward to learn advanced android development.

Kotlin Android Tutorial YouTube

YouTube is the best place for tutorials and informative videos. You can also learn Android development from YouTube. Below I have given all video which is all about Kotlin Android development. It is a 7 hours video from where you can learn Android development.

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So in this post, we discussed Android development using Kotlin. We discussed some of the best paid and free courses for Android development. I hope that this post was helpful for you. If you found this post helpful and informative please share it on your social media. We will be adding this type of content regularly. Also, join us on our telegram channel.


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