5 javascript concepts everyone should learn

Hello and welcome in this post we are going to learn about 5 JavaScript concepts everyone should learn. All the concepts that I am going to talk about in this post are very important if you want to master JavaScript. You will use all those concepts in day to day work.

5 JavaScript Concepts Everyone Should Learn

Below are 5 JavaScript concepts that you should learn because you will need them in your day to day coding experience and if you master those concepts it will become easier and faster for you to code into JavaScript.

Spread Operator

Spread operator is a new set of operators that is introduced in JavaScript ES6. In this an iterable or you can say an array is expanded into individual items. Like if someone ask you to extract every single element from an array then you have to use spread operator concept.

Sometime you have a set of data and you have to extract it in single elements then spread operator will help you.


Buy destructuring syntax in JavaScript unpack unpack values from arrays, properties of objects and then you can bind them to variables. It makes the work flow of code easier and it also become easy for the Coder to understand the code.

Binder structuring your code it will became very easier to understand it and it will also become easy to determine what this is specific piece of code is doing.

Async JavaScript & Await

JavaScript is one of the best asynchronous programming language. If you are going to do backend development with JavaScript then asynchronous programming will be essential for you. With asynchronous programming I mean that put promises into an event queue which Run after the main thread has finished.

For simple example let suppose that you are fetching data from http API and it will take few seconds to fetch data and make it available for our program. At this time you have to use a synchronous programming to wait for the data to be available.

Like in above example we were using http API to fetch data from a URL and we already stated that it will take some time to fetch the data then in this case we have to use await functionality in JavaScript to pause the program till the data is available and resume the program once data is available.

Promise & Callback

Promise in JavaScript is defined as the processes that are already being executed. Once it is done a promise can either be fulfilled or rejected. It can be executed or stopped but it will never remain pending. It is also one of the the important concept of asynchronous programming with JavaScript.

Callbacks are the options that are passed into other functions as an argument which will be executed later. For example if you have a function that adds two number and you passed a callback within that function then that callback will be executed once the the main function had been executed. By staying main function I mean that adding of two numbers.


Maths is a collection of elements in which all the elements are stored in a key-value pair. Every element have a key and a value pair. Key is used as identifier and value pair contains the data. If you have used some no SQL database is then you will have an idea of how key, value pair store data. It is very beneficial data structure.

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So in this post we discussed about five JavaScript conception that you should learn in order to master JavaScript and enhance your coding skills. I hope that this post was helpful for you and you for this content informative.



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